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Bruno GARIN, Business Développement

Sustainable Growth Catalyst

Committed to the Energy and Environmental transition and strong of a network of innovative partners on technological niche markets, GLOBAL BUSINESS offers to develop your company in France and Europe and to make the link between these innovative solutions and services and the needs of energy efficiency and reduction of environmental footprint of the principals.

With four action levers GLOBAL BUSINESS optimises and ensures the sustainable growth of your company’s turnover and CSR commitment by creating the necessary synergies between all stakeholders.

Commercial Growth

Commercial and business development missions.

Outsourcing of your commercial growth, delegated prospecting missions and testing of new markets in France and abroad


Optimising your transition and process towards carbon neutrality.

Proposing solutions to increase your energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint. Optimisation of the industrial and operational process


Research and financing of innovative solutions to ensure the energy and environmental transition. Project development and implementation assistance



Training and awareness-raising for the company’s stakeholders, contacts with partners in technical consultancy and energy transition.


Commercial Growth

Commercial and business development missions

Do you want a catalyst for your turnover growth?

– To develop your business in the energy and environmental goods and services sectors?

– To develop your innovative solutions and propose them to energy and environmental contractors?

– Or simply to develop and test new markets and services for export?


Optimising your climate transition

Are you looking for solutions to move more quickly towards carbon neutrality?

– To optimise your industrial processes and ensure your transformation towards an industry of the future

– Take advantage of available grants and subsidies as a lever for your projects

– Long-term monitoring of technical projects for the transition to carbon neutrality or the establishment of your company or subsidiaries


Commitment of all the actors of the transition

Do you want to maximise the impact of your commitments to the transition?

– To motivate all stakeholders and communicate effectively

– To benefit from an ecosystem of committed trainers in specialised fields

– For personalised advice and search for subsidies


Search for innovative solutions and funding

Are you looking for solutions or funding to succeed?

– For an impact in the fields of Energy Transition

– For innovative technological solutions

– To finance your development with grants and international support


Global Business Développement

Are you looking to develop your business in France or abroad?

Global Business’ proposals for impacting the energy and environmental transition:

Energy is the key.


With a dual engineering and business background and over 20 years’ experience in providing maintenance and optimisation services to industry, the founder is committed to the climate transition with the conviction that everyone must do their part and that innovation, particularly technological and organisational, will be necessary to meet the new energy challenges of the Anthropocene.